All of our garden buildings come with a pre hung doors on robust hinges – Look out for other manufacturers that just send the hinges loose for the customer to fit – The result will often make the doors difficult to hang.

Our floors are made from real solid boarding with short spacing between the floor spars for added strength (full specification can be found in the technical info section above) – Look out for cheaper internet products that’s made with OSB, chipboard or even a no floor option? – some competitor’s also send the floor loose for you the customer to assemble.

Our roofs are also made with real solid boarding – Look out for OSB or chipboard roofs that will only last a short period of time and will also come loose like the floor for you to assemble like the floors. All of our buildings offer great internal height with extra tall doors – Beware of low under sized garden buildings with very low walls and doors. We factory pre-treat every section of the building with a penetrating red cedar wood preserver inside and out for your convenience.

Rainbow aims to offer a FREE 15* day delivery service to most areas of the Uk with a 95% success rate of deliveries within the times stipulated. *Note – Certain times of the year when demand is much higher then delivery can take up to 28*days – For more information on delivery then please call our sales team on 01282 415510.

Our pro installation is done by our own company that’s called independent installations and this is done on the same day as delivery – Beware of the companies that use sub-contractors who don’t know or even care about the product resulting in a poor or sub-standard finish.

Every garden building will arrive with a comprehensive installation pack if you decide not to use our pro installation service. Basic tools you will required for example: hammer, felt knife, tape measure and a cordless drill.

Confused after all this reading of what Rainbow can offer you! – Remember you will buy from a family owned company that’s been manufacturing in this sector for more than three generations.