Do I need to be home for my Rainbow Delivery?

Normally you do not need to be home for your Rainbow delivery. All we ask is that you let us know via email, that you will not be present on the delivery date specified. Rainbow delivery drivers are NOT allowed to place your items in your back garden or yard even if the gate is left open. You can ask for the item to be delivered to a neighbour’s home if that is more convenient.

Will I need to help my delivery driver?

Our drivers may require your help during a delivery. They may ask for your help to assist with larger panels depending on access. We are not insured to cover any customer injuries, if you are unable to assist the driver due to illness or a disability then please make this known to the delivery driver.

What access is needed for my delivery?

Rainbow drivers are only contracted to provide kerbside deliveries. They will NOT carry any of your order through the home. Some drivers may offer to take an order further; for example your back garden but this is ONLY at their own discretion. If you have any queries about access or you live in a restricted access zone please contact our sales team on 01282 415510. Our dedicated sales team will be able to provide you with more information.

What size vehicle will deliver my order?

Rainbow operates 3.5 ton, 7.5 ton and 18 ton vehicles. Your ordered item could arrive on any of these vehicles depending on which location you live in. If you live in area where access is very difficult for larger vehicles please let us know as soon as possible by calling our sales team on 01282 415510. You can also send our sales team an email regarding access to with your name, access details and order number.

How are Log Cabins delivered?

Rainbow log cabins can take a little longer to deliver than most of our other garden shed products. Normally because they are manufactured to order. You should expect to receive a delivery within 28 working days from placing your order.

Our Log cabins are delivered on different sized flatbed vehicles, depending on the size of log cabin. Generally, the largest sized vehicle we deliver on is 18 tons, which is the same size as a builders merchant truck. All of the components are in pieces, planks of wood excluding the doors and windows that are pre-assembled. The wall roof and floor pieces will be offloaded one piece at a time, please note that this is kerbside delivery only, so the customer will be required to move the parts to the rear of the property unless we are installing the log cabin.

There must be sufficient space for a large vehicle of up to 56ft long to operate safely. If you are concerned about access please contact our sales team on the number or email address below.

Our drivers are very helpful and will always try and place any purchased buildings in a safe and convenient place for you. This is entirely at our driver’s discretion if they decide to move the building somewhere inside your property. Please note they are not authorised to deliver items through your home.

Please always provide your most convenient telephone number when placing your order through Rainbow. Our drivers may need to contact you about your delivery if they require directions.

If you want to contact our sales team about garden sheds or a log cabin delivery then please call us on 01282 415510. Alternatively, send an email to

What UK Delivery Areas Do We Cover, Are They Free?

Where you see ‘FREE’ delivery we will endeavor to deliver your products to you within the number of working days as marked on the product page for that individual item. Whilst every effort will be made to meet this lead-time delivery dates cannot be guaranteed and can vary to be both later as well as earlier than this guide time. There will be no delivery charge for this service providing you are based within the stated free delivery postal code REGIONS – Select your REGIONAL postal code area from the map.


Zone 1, FREE post code areas
AL St. Albans | B Birmingham | BA Bath | BB Blackburn | BD Bradford | BH Bournemouth | BL Bolton | BN Brighton | BR Bromley | BS Bristol | CA Carlisle | CB Cambridge | CF Cardiff | CH Chester | CM Chelmsford | CO Colchester | CR Croydon | CT Canterbury | CV Coventry | CW Crewe | DA Dartford | DE Derby | DG Dumfries (DG1-8, 10-16) | DH Durham | DL Darlington | DN Doncaster, DY Dudley | E London East | EC London East Central | EH Edinburgh, EN Enfield | *FK Falkirk (FK1-6) | FY Blackpool | G Glasgow (G1-5, 11-15, 20-23, 31-34, 40-46, 51-62, 64-82) | GL Gloucester | GU Guilford | HA Harrow | HD Huddersfield | HG Harrogate | HP Hemel Hempstead | HR Hereford | HU Hull | HX Halifax | IG Ilford | IP Ipswich | KA Kilmarnock | KT Kingston upon Thames | L Liverpool | LA Lancaster | LD Llandrindod | LE Leicester | LL Llandudno | LN Lincoln | LS Leeds | LU Luton | M Manchester | ME Medway | MK Milton Keynes | ML Motherwell | N London North | NE Newcastle | NG Nottingham | NN Northampton | NP Newport | NR Norwich | NW London North West | OL Oldham | OX Oxford | *PA Paisley (PA1-19) | PE Peterborough | PO Portsmouth (mainland) | PR Preston | RG Reading | RH Redhill | RM Romford | S Sheffield | SE London South East | SG Stevenage | SK Stockport | SL Slough | SM Sutton | SN Swindon | SO Southampton | SP Salisbury | SR Sunderland | SS Southend on Sea | ST Stoke on Trent | SW London South West | SY Shrewsbury | TA Taunton | TD Galashiels | TF Telford | TN Tonbridge | TS Cleveland | TW Twickenham | UB Southall | W London West | WA Warrington | WC London West Central | WD Watford | WF Wakefield | WN Wigan | WR Worcester | WS Walsall | WV Wolverhampton | YO York.

If you live in zone2-3, Please call 01282 415510:

Zone 2, £75.00 Chargable Post code areas
*DT Dorchester (DT1-8, 9-11) | *EX Exeter (EX1-16, 23, 24, 17, 31-39) | *PL Plymouth (PL1-9, 21) | *PL Plymouth (PL10-20, 22-35) | SA Swansea | *TQ Torquay (TQ8, 13) | *TR Truro | *TQ Torquay (TQ1-7, 9-12).

Zone 3, POA, Post code areas
AB Aberdeen | DD Dundee | *FK Falkirk (FK7-13, 14-21) | *KY Kirkaldy (KY3-4, 11-12) | *KY Kirkaldy (KY1-2, 5-10, 13-16) | *PA Paisley (PA20-78) | PH Perth | *PO Isle Of Wight (offshore) | IV Inverness | KW Kirkwall


If your postal region is not within our FREE delivery area, then please do contact our sales team on 01282 415510 for the availability and price.